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Twenty Fifteen Review

What Is It?

Twenty Fifteen is a WordPress theme that is made to be simple and clean. Twenty Fifteen isn’t a big theme when it comes to having features, but it does get the job done for bloggers and is especially great for beginners. The theme was created with the idea of making it compatible on all devices, whether it be a mobile or desktop. Because of this, the theme is responsive on all devices, leaving bloggers worried free when it comes to compatibility.

Features and Examples of Use

As stated above, the features for the theme are very low. However this can be used as a good thing when it comes blogging.


  • Blog- focused
  • Suitable for multiple languages
  • Readable on a variety of screen sizes

    Examples of Use-

There aren’t too many ‘big’ websites out there that use twenty fifteen as their WordPress theme. However, the best example of a website that uses it would be This website is a SEO consultant based business, however is does pull-off the theme pretty well for what is offers.

Amount of Downloads

Twenty Fifteen does come with your WordPress download when you start. Making this one of the popular free things out there. As of right now, the theme has a healthy 700,000+ downloads. It’s ratings are as healthy too. Currently it’s at 4.5 stars out of 5.

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Reasons For Use

The uses for this theme aren’t very much. However it is very powerful when it comes to blogging. Because of this, the theme should probably be used for this primarily reason. However, it can also serve very well as a photo gallery or video gallery. With the sidebar that it comes with, you can easily organize your information there whether it be a category or tag. Because of the organization factor, it will also serve very well when it comes to blogging because you can also post theme titles on the sidebar.

Overall Thoughts 

The theme is great for blogging and should only be used for this use. If you’re planning on making a very professional website that sells products on it, then the theme is probably not a good option. anything that has to do with collecting lots of information and organizing and displaying it in a professional manner would be great for this theme. So, overall, the theme is powerful when it comes to blogging and writing posts. However it should not be used as an ecommerce or anything that is intended to make lots of money.

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